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Updates & Time Off

I've been taking a bit of a break from the media side of disc golf. I wasn't feeling any burnout, though I didn't have the same drive for a couple of weeks. Work got crazy for about a month, and... Continue Reading →

Budget Disc Golf Filming – Part 1

It's no secret that the disc golf world loves the videos from Jomez Productions and Central Coast Disc Golf. I love them as much as anybody else. From the graphics, the crispness of the video, to the commentary, what's not... Continue Reading →

5 Essential Things For An Epic NT Experience

Coming down the stretch of a long season in any sport, there are certain days that elicit anybody feeling like an excited child about to open up a big box on Christmas morning. That last game to clinch a playoff... Continue Reading →

WOGD Finale

The 2017 Weapons of Grass Destruction Finale event took place at Trace State Park on September 30th and October 1st. Taking full advantage of what many say is the best course in the state of Mississippi, this event was one... Continue Reading →

2nd Annual Autumn Glory Open

I went out on the 16th of this month and filmed the 2nd Annual Autumn Glory Open. Jason and Jordan Lee, owners of 1010 Discs, put on this great event on two very nice courses. I drove up to Memphis... Continue Reading →

Top Disc Golf Videos

If you've ever made some ridiculous play, shot, throw, putt, drive, touchdown, 3 pointer, flop shot, etc., you've no doubt thought 'That's a Sportscenter Top 10 moment right there.' I love the times of the year when multiple sports are... Continue Reading →

The Race For The Ace

I have never hit an Ace. I've come close a couple of times on some short holes. Veteran's Park Original Hole 3 was one. The basket was in B position, which is further down the hill and on the left... Continue Reading →

Needs WD40

Rust. It can be a formidable force. As it builds up, it expands and takes up more room than what is replacing. As is consumes more and more of the material it replaces, it can mean the disintegration of the... Continue Reading →

Evolution Vol. 1 – CCDG

Two weekends. Two tournaments. Three rounds filmed. Two already published. One yet to come. Graphics work. Scoring work. Copying files from one place to another. Maybe commentary. To say the least, it's a lot of work that goes into creating... Continue Reading →

YouTube, YouTube, YouTube

I've been a busy, busy fella the last two weeks. First, the Patriot Open in Horn Lake, MS. Two rounds of park style disc golf. A lot of steps, a lot of sweat, a lot of skeeters the first round,... Continue Reading →

My Writer has a Miss

This last month has been one of many things going on. From medical issues to ball games, rain, heat, and humidity, there seems to always be something going on. There seems to be always something taking my time. I've also... Continue Reading →

Media Speak – Juan Luis Garcia

When I started this series last year, I was quietly surprised at the disc golf media community and how willing they were to do an interview with me. I had hoped to meet many of them at GBO, but Murphy... Continue Reading →

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