For those of us who aren’t touring pros, have full time jobs, family, and other responsibilities or obligations, we tend to have a lot of downtime between rounds of disc golf. I myself usually have a lot of downtime between my rounds. I work full time in the IT field. I am married with three kids. Church, kids homework, housework, yardwork, family time, and disc golf somehow has to wedge itself into those activities. During the summer, I have Thursday evening minis each week that I can attend put on by my local club. There are also minis on Sunday’s, but I hardly attend those since my weekends are for family time.

So, what is there to do when you can’t get out to the course, or the field, or to the practice basket? The categories coming up are a result of many hours scouring the interwebs for content. Social media, videos, blogs, manufacturer websites, and other online resources have brought me knowledge, wanted and unwanted, that I never would have found were it not for the people who want to spread their knowledge and information about the game.

Social Media

The proliferation of social media since my early days online astounds me all the time. People who never had a voice in the world all of a sudden are brought to the forefront. We all have pages that we like on Facebook, and of those pages, most of the disc golf manufacturers have a Facebook page. On top of that, you can count of the manufacturers having a social media account on the big three, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just a quick search will get you to their page/feed so you can see what’s going on with them.

Many of our favorite pros are users of social media as well. Paul McBeth, Will Schusterick, Paige Pierce, Avery Jenkins, and Madison Walker are just a few of the most frequent users, particularly on Instagram. I enjoy seeing the pictures they share from all parts of the country and abroad. Their travels include many places I will never get to visit and with the different picture sharing mediums online now, our ability to see sights unknown has dramatically expanded.


That one word says a lot about our sport. It has allowed the spread of footage of disc golf like never before. The debate rages about the need for more live coverage of disc golf and how it can be accomplished. I’ll stay out of that discussion and just enjoy what I can find on Youtube. From the guys of Smashboxx, to Central Coast DG, Prodigy Disc,  Jomez ProductionsSublime Flight, and The Disc Eye, we have a lot of disc golf content to digest on Youtube. And I’ve just listed a few of the ones I follow and watch. Not just limited to tournament footage, there are also many videos of pro clinics and specific shot instruction. I myself put together a playlist of forehand instruction to help improve my game. 

Blogs and Websites

I am part of this section of course, but since I’m realitively new to the blogging scene, there are others I am going to highlight that bring much more to the table than I do. First off is the Mind Body Disc blog by Tim Steward. He is a guru of the sport who offers top advice about how to improve your game, mostly on the mental side, but with occasional form or disc advice. Another good blog is Noodle Arm Disc Golf. As the name implies, it’s about how a player of lower arm power uses various discs. With good reviews of discs from many manufacturers, you can find out how a disc you are looking at will fly if you don’t throw for distance like Simon Lizotte

Another newcomer to the blogging scene are the guys at Disc Golf Putt Heads. Chris and Rodney have done an amazing job with their site and blog posts. They have a great post about putting games to make practice more fun, which I have used several times during my recent increase in putting practice in preparation for my first tournament. All Things Disc Golf is a great source of content disc golf related. With reviews, news, interviews, and more, ATDG has become one of the premier websites for disc golf content in my humble opinion. Average Disc Golf rounds out my top ranking websites for disc golf content. A good place for more disc golf content with news, videos, reviews, and more, it’s a great starting point for delving into the disc golf scene.


I’m now getting into something that I just can’t seem to get enough of. Podcasts hold a special place in my disc golf experience due to my love of audiobooks. I have listened to them (audiobooks) for the past decade or more during my time working in factories. I started out with cd audiobook borrowed from the local libraries, and now with smartphones and mp3 players, I just have to download them and listen whenever I want. Here comes a CDG Top Tip, if you have to do yard work, specifically mowing, I recommend putting on your headphones and listening to your favorite podcasts while you’re doing your yardwork as it makes the monotony tolerable.

Now, on to the podcasts. One of the longest running is the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast. Originally starring Eric “Emac” McCabe and Bobby “Cool Daddy Slick Breeze” Brown, they have now added a woman’s perspective from Paige Bjerkaas. They take your questions and answer them to the best of their ability. One fun thing about the podcast is the folks asking questions creating new snappy nicknames for Emac, CDSB, and Paige. I’m happy to say that I was the first question read that gave Paige a nickname on the podcast, yay me!!

Next up is the Zen Disc Golf podcast. With just 12-15 episodes out, it’s relatively new, but is very enjoyable. Looking at mental aspects of controlling and improving your disc golf game, I recommend listening to it. Starring Patrick McCormick and Zach “Ticklish Hamster” Engelhart, and more recently adding Tim Steward of Mind Body Disc, I look forward to new episodes from those three guys. Final Round Radio is from the Charlotte, North Carolina area. They talk a lot about the PDGA tour, Charlotte disc golf scene, and feature interviews from some of the top pros in the game. A new podcast, with the 2nd episode just released is the /r/discgolf podcast. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’ve heard it’s worth a listen. Last, but not least, is the podcast. While I haven’t listened to the actual podcast version, I do join in to their live Youtube stream of the podcast on Tuesday nights starting at 9pm central. Featuring tournament results, interviews, and spectacular discussion about disc golf, you would be well off by listening or watching what Terry Miller and Jon Van Deurzen bring to us about disc golf each week.

What do you do?

I’ve given you several options to while away the time when not on the course. Beyond field work, practice rounds, casual rounds, and back yard practice, there are a lot of options available to consume material about disc golf. Enjoy the links I’ve given you to the content I partake in. And when it comes to podcasts, most of them are on Itunes and Stitcher, but being an Apple hater, I have an Android phone. The app I use for podcasts is called Podcast Addict, which allows you to download each episode if you want to listen to it whenever you want and if you don’t have a signal for streaming.

Hopefully the weather will be accommodating for you, so get out and bang some chains. If not, grab your laptop, tablet, or phone and look up some of the content above.