After a weekend of being sick and reflecting on what I can do when not able to get out to the course, I’m getting back on track in my tourney prep this week. I’ve only got a week and a half or so from the date this is published to get practice in. The other day I posted a picture on Instagram of a stack of 10 putters I was using to get one hundred putts in on my lunch break. A final count of the number of putts wasn’t maintained, but one hundred was reached in about twenty minutes. This week and next will see a concerted effort to get in #100puttsforlunch. 

Practice putting

I have often wondered what matters more in putting, the disc or my form. That ten stack that was used the other day contained several different molds. It was two PA4s, three Wardens, a Challenger, a Whale, a Rhyno, a NiteIze putter, and a Judge. All different stabilities, a couple beaded, premium plastic, low end plastic, and four different manufacturers. Taking all this into account, my practice remained the same, as did my form, no matter which disc I was putting with. I feel I can putt well with all of them with the exception of the NiteIze putter, as I’m still getting used to it and the glow fiber channels make gripping it somewhat different than a normal putter.

With all that said about the putters I’m using, my focus has been on putts from twelve to twenty-five feet from the basket. Whether I toss all ten discs from the same spot, or use a ladder game to increase the distance after every make, the distance is staying within that range because that is the sweet spot for most putts I take on the course. The basket I normally practice at has variation in elevation, wind most of the time, and is partially shaded. I get a wide range of putts on that one practice basket and it has helped my game immensely in just a short time.


From watching my Instagram video of putting, my form seems to mimic that of Avery Jenkins in the Discmania Deep in the Game putting video. He says in that video that he is using a push putt. After several views of that video, the Dave Feldberg putting clinic video, and the Dynamic Discs spin vs push putt video, I feel that my putt is a hybrid of the spin and push putt. While I don’t have the footage to look at just yet, I’ve mentally gone over my putting motion during practice and notice that I put a lot of spin on the disc when I release it. I’ve been focusing consistent release points and the smooth release of my grip as well. 

I sent a question out via Facebook a little while back to some pros known for excellent putting. Not expecting a response since most are busy travelling and playing, I received a response from Jay & Des Reading’s Facebook account. My questions was this : Do you think a particular putter mold or a person’s putting form make the biggest difference in their putting prowess? The following was the response I received.

All putters are basically shaped to be a point and shoot type of disc with similar speed and fade. Once you find a putter that FEELS great in your hand, then it boils down to being able to replicate the mechanics of your particular chosen putting style. So with form being ultra important, a particular putters stability may also compliment ones style.

Humbled to get such a response, I thank Jay & Des Reading, no matter which composed the response and sent it.

The answer to my question reinforces my belief that consistent form will be the key to improving my putting ability and thus improve my scores. All I have to do is get out and chuck my plastic into the chains. Over. And over…And over…And Over…nd over…d over…over…ver…er…r…..