In viewing all of the professional tournaments on Youtube, I got to thinking about when they were not that professional. So, I decided to put together my top ten disc golf fails. We have all done these at some point in learning to play disc golf, whether momentary human glitches or times when we had not worked on our game, they are all funny. Enjoy the clips, and look for the bonus clips at the end.


The last one here has appeared on MTV’s Ridiculousness…


Hope you enjoyed those video clips. I know we all curse and disparage our own games when we have glitches like these, but take a moment to revel in our ineptness and laugh at ourselves. We can only get better, well, most of us can. Some poor souls are doomed to never get it.

And now for your bonus clip. Filmed at the 2015 Memorial before the tournament began. It took a while, but thanks to Terry Miller and Jonny V of for posting this after many weeks of asking for just this clip.


And we have a bonus bonus clip. Derek Billings had a rough weekend in Las Vegas, both on the course and in the casino, but on the course, we got to see the following bad, bad hole. He was a guest on Episode 64 of the podcast, and you can watch the podcast on Youtube here. Thanks to Terry Miller for the footage.


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