I have put together another list of videos for your viewing pleasure. This time I am looking for the most viewed disc golf videos on Youtube. Taking a look at some of the most popular Youtube channels for disc golf, I am happy to bring you the top 5 most viewed disc golf videos.

Note: These are all full rounds, no short clips included. See update at bottom for additional note on the list.

At number 5 on the list, from Prodigy Disc, with just under 69,000 views is the 2015 Memorial Chamiponships Round 1 in 4K


Coming in at number 4, from Central Coast Disc Golf, with over 145,000 views, is the 2014 PDGA Worlds Round 1


Hitting the top 3, number 3 is from Jomez Productions, who bring us the 2012 PDGA Worlds Final 9, with over 171,000 views


Dropping in at the number 2 slot from McFly So High, is the 2013 HOF Classic, raking in over 223,000 views


From The SpinTV channel, coming in at Number 1, is the 2013 European Open Final Round, part 1, with a staggering 433,000 plus views


It’s no coincidence that many of the same names appear in most of these top five videos. Paul McBeth is a four time World Championship winner. Will Schusterick is a three time USDGC winner. Ricky Wysocki is one of the top touring pros, with numerous tournament wins to his name. Dave Feldberg, JohnE McCray, and others also have been in contention at all of the major tournaments.

There are a few other videos that have 50,000 views or more. These honorable mentions come from other well respected disc golf Youtube channels. ICGM8‘s 2013 Dutch Open Final has 64,000+ views and counting. The Disc Eye‘s 2015 Hotlanta Round 1 has 62,000+ views as of this writing. From The Disc Golf Guy, the 2015 Nick Hyde Memorial Final 9 counts 53,000 views and rising. Lastly, SmashboxxTV’s live coverage of the 2015 Memorial Championships Round 1 racking up just over 50,000 views.

We all love watching round coverage of the professionals. Enjoy these videos, and also, don’t forget to check out the featured round from MindBodyDisc coming to you each Sunday.



Thanks to an oversight by myself that was caught by Bobby “Cool Daddy Slick Breeze” Brown, I must note that there are several other videos that should have been included in the top five list I created. When I was making the list, I was looking for the most viewed full round from each of the channels that I looked at. A bonehead mistake on my part, true, but thanks to an eagle eyed reader, it was caught. The list won’t change, but take into account that the videos listed are the most viewed on each individual Youtube channel.