Back during the Black Friday bonanza, Infinite Discs had their small bag on sale for just ten bucks. Getting paid on the fifteenth and at the end of the month put a hurting on my Black Friday shopping. I just didn’t have the funds until after all the sales ended. I really wanted another small bag to use. 

Fortunately, I participate in a program called Screenwise trends. It is an analytics program by Google that tracks your web surfing habits. Nothing harmful, but it has a perk. You earn one dollar per week per device for participating. So if you have a computer, phone, and tablet, all you have to do is install the little app and check in every so often and voila, extra money. You redeem your earnings through gift cards to various retailers.

I just happened to have recently redeemed some of those earnings in an gift card. During some downtime due to a medical issue, I spent several hours browsing Amazon’s site looking at various things. Granted, I couldn’t get much since the gift card was only twenty five dollars, but still, I was going to find something. And that something was the Infinite Discs small bag.

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My disc collection has grown to around forty discs or so at this point. Some would say that is nothing. But when I look at it, I have so many different molds that it gets hard to make a choice between which ones I want to throw. The Simplify over at Mind Body Disc has made a big difference in how I go out to the course lately. Namely, I don’t want to weigh myself down with my Infinite Discs large bag w/ shoulder straps

I can’t really say why I have been reluctant to carry my large bag lately, but it boils down to three things. First, I want to throw discs that I have good control over. Second, those same discs can perform all the shots I need. Third, I am a big fella and twenty more pounds on a long course adds up.

So, this spring and summer will see this new small bag get a lot of use. I still love my NutSac bag, but it lacks two things I really need. One, a drink holder. Being diabetic, I have to carry refreshments on the course, and the NutSac itself doesn’t come with a drink holder. There is one for sale on the NutSac Bags website, but costs fifteen dollars plus shipping. Second, I like to carry at least eight discs when I play, which means there is nowhere to store things like my keys, wallet, etc in the NutSac. The Infinite Discs small bag has the zippered mesh pocket on the  bottom of the bag’s top. That’s a big plus in my book.

I will probably end up getting at least one more small bag for my kids to use when they want to go play disc golf. As long as I keep getting those rewards from Screenwise trends, I won’t have a problem grabbing another one when I need it.