A few weeks ago, I wrote a couple of posts detailing the discs that were currently in my bag. I had five drivers of the fairway and distance variety. Two of those have since been kicked from my bag. Why? Simply because I don’t have the arm to throw them. I have repeatedly admitted that I am a noodle arm disc golfer.

Translation – a disc golfer who doesn’t have a lot of power on his/her throws, thus unable to throw very far.

I am constantly on the lookout for discs that suit my arm speed. Anything massively overstable is automatically out of the running. Those type of discs just meathook for me. Consider the Dynamic Discs Justice. A tremendously overstable disc, that in my hands, it will just go straight for a bit, then dump right since I throw mostly forehand.

Working the Curve

I now have two Dynamic Discs Truths. One of the Fluid variety, the other is of Lucid. They are not the new Emac Truth, but the version that has a slightly understable flight. DD changed the “numbers” for the Truth to 5,5,-1,1. My Lucid Truth certainly flies true to those numbers, while the Fluid Truth I have doesn’t show that much high speed turn in its flight.

I spent my latest round with just those two Truths and the Justice as my mids. Also bagging just four drivers, I managed to shoot my best round yet on my home course.



Still Learning to Curve

In throwing the Lucid Justice during that round, I found that it is to overstable for my arm speed. On Hole 7, a 285 foot par 3, I managed only around 200 feet off the tee with it. Later, on Hole 18, with my poor drive, I thought I could use it to skip in to the basket that is surrounded by cedar trees. I missed my line, but fortunately it skipped right behind the tree closest to the basket, and I only had a 15 footer for par.

I’m still working on my forehand form, and the struggle to keep the disc down is very real. Working with my mids has helped with this issue a lot. The fact that my mids won’t go very far unless I keep them low spurs me to maintain good form. I had a good illustration of this on Hole 6 of the round pictured above.

As you look at the basket, I had thrown wide left of all those trees and landed pin high. Two putts later with a par, I had played the hole as good as I’ve ever played it.

Shrinking the Learning Curve

When I started writing this particular post, I had intended to lump praise just on my mid-range discs. After reading the latest post by Tim over at Mind Body Disc, and some messaging with Chris of DG Puttheads, I realized that I had done something else besides just work with my mids. I had thrown my personal best round at my home course with just six (6) molds!!

I had in my bag at the time the following:

  • Prodigy 400s PA4
  • Dynamic Discs Fluid Warden
  • Dynamic Discs Fluid Truth
  • Dynamic Discs Lucid Truth
  • Dynamic Discs Lucid Justice
  • Dynamic Discs Fluid Escape
  • Latitude 64 Frost Saint
  • Latitude 64 Opto River
  • Innova Gstar Wraith

I never threw the Wraith or the Escape. In fact, I only used the River and Saint on the longest holes of the course, which are all over 400 feet. The pros can get their mids past 350 feet, but not I, thus necessitating the use of drivers. While I can’t get my drivers out much farther than 300 feet, it’s still enough on those longer holes when I make a good throw.

Back  to the mids!!

Since I have given up on a lot of my drivers since I throw mids almost as far, I’ve been carrying a lot more of them. Adding to what I listed above, and I normally also carry a DD Lucid Suspect, DD Lucid Warrant, and a Westside VIP Bard. I’m experimenting with how I can use each disc in my game, and will swap some in and out depending on the course.


My Curve

For now, I’ll be grabbing a mid when I step up to the tee unless it is a really long hole. I’ve become very comfortable with the Truth in both plastics I have. My Warrant is great for forehand turnover shots, but I’m still figuring out which one I like best for a good hyzer mid. The Justice is nice, my Suspect is great, and the Bard is a workhorse. Time will tell.


What mid-ranges are you throwing these days? Are they kicking anything out of your bag? Let me know how your bag is evolving in the comments below or on any social media!!