Tim of Mind Body Disc talked a lot about how your mind could play havoc with your disc golf game. Patrick of Zen Disc Golf expounded on the effects the mind has over your disc golf game. Many wise men have told tales of the power of the mind when you think you have failed for the last time. Having your mindset in the correct place can play a major part in how you face everyday life or just the next throw on the course.

After round 2 of the 2017 Memorial Championship, Terry Miller hosted a live recap show for the day’s action. He had Sarah Hokom on as the first guest, and she provided some great insight about her game and the action on the course. His second guest was Zoe Andyke. While I haven’t personally seen her in action teaching disc golf, everybody who has attended on of her clinics or learned from her in any way speaks of how well she is at instructing anybody in how to play. During the interview, Terry brought up one particular hole that Zoe seemed to have blown up on.

Hole 10 at the Fiesta Lakes course wasn’t a terribly tough hole. It wasn’t a terribly long hole at just 249 feet. What it did have was an island green. I’ll let Zoe tell the tale. Enjoy.


Zoe finished in a tie for 9th place at the 2017 Memorial Championships. Take her lesson on the mental game to heart. It might help you out some day!