The 2017 Weapons of Grass Destruction Finale event took place at Trace State Park on September 30th and October 1st. Taking full advantage of what many say is the best course in the state of Mississippi, this event was one of the best I’ve been fortunate to attend. 

Before I get to the videos, I’ll just list a few of the perks that Robby and Cassie Harris put into this tournament. Ring of Fire with multiple prizes, including a 50″ flat screen LED TV. Eighteen (18) one hundred dollar ($100) CTP prizes for the second round. A Prodigy BP-2 backpack for the first 70 players to pre-register. Each day the winner of their card got a disc. The winners of each of the amateur divisions won a Dynamic Discs Recruit basket. If that isn’t a great list of perks for a tournament, then you’ve not played in one before.

The Videos

Round 1 was played on Trace Gold, a 10,026-foot trek through woods, around the lake, and up and down hills. I live just a 20-minute drive from Trace State Park, yet have never played a round of disc golf there. That meant it was all new to me as well when it came to filming the action. The first round feature card was put to a fan vote on the event’s Facebook page, with Marc Flanders, Devan Hall, Cameron Colglazier, and Chris Zagone bringing in enough votes to beat the others out.

As I was editing the round together, I noticed that it was going to be a long video if I kept it as a full round. So, two parts it was. I don’t have the fancy drone flyovers and slick transitions that Jomez and CCDG use, which add at least 2-3 minutes to each half round video they produce. That just lets you know how long the course was and how much video I had to cut out of my raw footage. Check them out below.





Round 2 was on the shorter course called Old Warrior Run. At just 5,760 feet, it gave the pros a great number of birdie chances. It didn’t disappoint when the lead card took their places on hole 1. While it took a few holes before they started lighting things up, it was still a good test of accuracy on many holes. Watch as Steven Hillerman, Cameron Colglazier, Marc Flanders, and Mason McKay set their sights on first place.


The Call Up

I got a message Wednesday afternoon, the same day that the 2017 USDGC started, from Terry Miller. The Ed Headrick Hall of Fame Classic is the weekend after USDGC, and he was looking for ways to get more content from the HOF Classic. Since it is the National Tour finale event, it makes sense for it to be covered in the best way possible. Terry asked if there was any way I could make it there to do some filming under his “The Disc Golf Guy” umbrella.

Of course, I was jumping with joy on the inside at this. I told him I would have to check with Home boss about this and I could let him know something later on. I got home that evening and was brimming with trepidation at telling my wife about the chance. After a few seconds of thought, she said I ought to see if my dad wanted to go see his brothers in the Atlanta area while I went on past to the tourney. After some hemming and hawing, my dad said he’d go.

So now I’ll be going to the HOF Classic at the IDGC to help film the tournament. It’s about six and a half hours from me which, by touring pro standards, is just a hop away. With it being the NT finale, the big names will be there. Sexton, McBeth, Wysocki, Brathwaite, JohnE, Uli, Dickerson, and even the Gibbers himself, Michael Gibney. That’s not counting the women. Pierce, Reading, Stanitis, and Elaine King are a few of the short list that will be there.

While I won’t make it there for the start of the tournament on Friday, I’ll be there for Saturday and Sunday. Jomez Productions will be there as well, so I might be able to get a sneak peek at their methods of editing while I’m there. Terry Miller might be doing some nightly wrap-up shows as well. All in all, for me, it’s a great opportunity to work with the best in filming disc golf.