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Needs WD40

Rust. It can be a formidable force. As it builds up, it expands and takes up more room than what is replacing. As is consumes more and more of the material it replaces, it can mean the disintegration of the... Continue Reading →

Family Comes First

The Glass Blown Open 2017 was supposed to be a great week. My compadre Robby Harris was competing in the Advanced division. I was going to film at least his first round of play at the Olpe course. Plans were... Continue Reading →

Taking Another Step

I wrote a post at the beginning of December 2016 listing some things I had on my wishlist. That list became a reality in the last two weeks or so. The items I ended up getting weren't the same ones... Continue Reading →

My 5 Biggest Mistakes on the Course

Whenever I plan on playing a round, I go through a checklist in my head before I get to the course. Warmup, use discs I know, follow through, firm grip, etc. Then I get to the course and it all... Continue Reading →

Daughter Disc Golf

Those of us who are addicted to disc golf, which is usually anybody that plays, try our best to introduce as many people as we can to the sport. I mean, it's easy to play, cheap to play, gets you... Continue Reading →

Growing My Game – Forehand Rollers

The last couple of weeks have been pretty quiet for me on the disc golf side of my life. I haven't played a full round in a while. Other things have taken priority over hitting the course lately. It's also... Continue Reading →

Lost & Found

The last TDGA mini I played was a monstrosity. I couldn't hit the fairway for all the trees on many holes. Even after my tee shots, the trees kept jumping in front of my discs that day. Some holes felt... Continue Reading →

Mid Range Circuit

A few weeks ago, I wrote a couple of posts detailing the discs that were currently in my bag. I had five drivers of the fairway and distance variety. Two of those have since been kicked from my bag. Why?... Continue Reading →

Living With Jelly

I want to be the best possible writer I can for this blog. I want to be on top of social media for disc golf in my area. I want to have as many followers as there are disc golfers... Continue Reading →

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