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Odin Disc Golf Bag Review

One of the most contentious subjects in disc golf is the bag one is using. Size, style, material, storage, and liquid carrying capacity make a big difference in anybody's preference for a particular bag. Like many people, I started out... Continue Reading →

Perfect Putt 360 – A Review

A Putt. It is one of those four letter words that can bring joy or heartache. One putt is usually the separator in big tournaments. One putt could get you into last cash as a pro, or last plastic if... Continue Reading →

The Sportsack

It's not often that you can say a product has taken the disc golf world by storm. Sure, there are popular discs that sell out in minutes. The mini Buzzz, Philotross, and other certain runs of discs come to mind... Continue Reading →

Infinite Discs Small Bag

Back during the Black Friday bonanza, Infinite Discs had their small bag on sale for just ten bucks. Getting paid on the fifteenth and at the end of the month put a hurting on my Black Friday shopping. I just didn't have... Continue Reading →

Putt & Approach V4

Teepad. Runup. Drive. Walk. Mark. Approach. Walk. Mark. Putt. That is the basic series of events on every par three hole in a disc golf round. Teepad. Runup. Drive. Walk. Mark. Approach. Walk. Mark. Putt. The second line is the... Continue Reading →

An Unusual Suspect

Enter to Win Free Stuff!!    Like, Comment, and Share to Win!!!    RT to enter the Giveaway!!! Those headlines, plus any similar ones, draw millions of comments a day on social media. One man programmed a bot to win... Continue Reading →

The Brothers….in Law

I did it. I finally got the disc I've been wanting for months. A Dynamic Discs Fluid Warden from one of my favorite online retailers Infinite Discs at the end of July. I chose a green 175g disc. I own a green 174g Warden... Continue Reading →

Summer… hot!!!!

Whew! I almost can't stand to get out in this oppressive heat we have here in Mississippi. I played in my local club mini this week, and was soaked through by the time we finished one round. I had two... Continue Reading →


Taking a look around the Internet, you can find oodles of websites that sell discs. A few of my favorites are Dynamic Discs, Infinite Discs, and Disc Golf Store. Some sites sell only premium discs, of which I mean they only sell discs... Continue Reading →

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