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Avery Jenkins

A Thin Line of Type

The pros in disc golf traveled a long way to get to Santa Cruz, California for the Master's Cup this year. It was a trip of almost 5,900 miles, 9,467 kilometers for the metric crowd, from Konopiste that they made. Going... Continue Reading →

Media Speak – Jamie Thomas

This week, Jamie Thomas was kind enough to take part in a second interview. As I have mentioned, I love picking the minds of the folks behind the videos we love to watch. Whether it's the guy behind the camera, running... Continue Reading →

2016 Pro Worlds Reactions & Thoughts

It's safe to say now that this is Ricky Wysocki's year. While he hasn't had the same dominant year that McBeth had last year, he has been on a tear, playing some great disc golf. Last year, the best putter... Continue Reading →

Battling Back and Fore – My Journey

If you've watched Youtube videos of disc golf, the professional player has great form in their backhand throw. Many of them have a very good forehand throw as well. And then there are those few that throw almost exclusively one... Continue Reading →

Downtime…What to do…

For those of us who aren't touring pros, have full time jobs, family, and other responsibilities or obligations, we tend to have a lot of downtime between rounds of disc golf. I myself usually have a lot of downtime between my... Continue Reading →

Forehand Form

It's a story I tell often when playing a round of disc golf. A few years ago I spent a day shooting my bow in preparation for deer hunting season. Something happened to my elbow in doing that which prevents... Continue Reading →

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