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Daughter Disc Golf

Those of us who are addicted to disc golf, which is usually anybody that plays, try our best to introduce as many people as we can to the sport. I mean, it's easy to play, cheap to play, gets you... Continue Reading →

Lost & Found

The last TDGA mini I played was a monstrosity. I couldn't hit the fairway for all the trees on many holes. Even after my tee shots, the trees kept jumping in front of my discs that day. Some holes felt... Continue Reading →

Mid Range Circuit

A few weeks ago, I wrote a couple of posts detailing the discs that were currently in my bag. I had five drivers of the fairway and distance variety. Two of those have since been kicked from my bag. Why?... Continue Reading →

Disc Golf is Fun

Fun. Three little letters that can have such a huge bearing on how we experience almost anything. Apply that one word to things such as work, driving, sports, hobbies, and it can change not only your memories of each one,... Continue Reading →

Disc Golf is Addicting

In my last post, the difficulties of playing the sport I love were pondered and discussed. My game needs work, to which I have dedicated myself to working on it whenever possible. I just posted another video of one of... Continue Reading →

Disc Golf is Hard

I got a round of disc golf in after I got off of work on a recent Friday. It was on the newest course in my area, Music Bend. Posting my intent to play got a couple of a local... Continue Reading →

My Top 3 Putting Practices

A couple weeks ago I went out and played a round of disc golf with some pretty good players. Three I would consider to be Local Pros in the Disc Golf Scene here and the other guy is a very... Continue Reading →

On Circle’s Edge – My Journey

Early in my short disc golf experience, I was horrible at putting. My confidence was best from 15 feet and closer. Though I had several memorable putts longer than 50 feet go in, I would not have even considered myself... Continue Reading →

Disc Golf for Kids, Pt. 2 – Bagging Along

I love taking my kids to play disc golf. It's something besides playing on the playground, or riding a bike, or using their scooters. The days I take my kids out to the disc golf course, my Infinite Discs Large... Continue Reading →

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