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Perfect Putt 360 – A Review

A Putt. It is one of those four letter words that can bring joy or heartache. One putt is usually the separator in big tournaments. One putt could get you into last cash as a pro, or last plastic if... Continue Reading →

Growing My Game – Forehand Rollers

The last couple of weeks have been pretty quiet for me on the disc golf side of my life. I haven't played a full round in a while. Other things have taken priority over hitting the course lately. It's also... Continue Reading →

2016 Pro Worlds Reactions & Thoughts

It's safe to say now that this is Ricky Wysocki's year. While he hasn't had the same dominant year that McBeth had last year, he has been on a tear, playing some great disc golf. Last year, the best putter... Continue Reading →

Entering the Ranks

This coming Saturday is a big day for me. I will be entering the ranks of disc golf media by filming my first tournament. It is the Weapons of Grass Destruction series New Albany, MS stop. I am fortunate that... Continue Reading →

5 Qs with Bobby Brown

And I'm back with the third installment in my disc golf media interview series. As the title indicates, this time I have Bobby "Cool Daddy Slick Breeze" Brown, the media director for Dynamic Discs. Having formerly covered disc golf tournaments,... Continue Reading →

Disc Golf Media

From my start in disc golf, watching tournament coverage on YouTube has been a big time consumer. There are so many channels to choose from when you do a search. Majors, NTs, A-tiers, B-tiers, and even a few C-tiers have... Continue Reading →

Bad Breaks Heal

The other week when I played in the Dynamic Discs  2 Disc Challenge, I wrote about how one hole destroyed my chances at any prize winnings. On the teepad, I was confident that I could at least par the now... Continue Reading →

On Circle’s Edge – My Journey

Early in my short disc golf experience, I was horrible at putting. My confidence was best from 15 feet and closer. Though I had several memorable putts longer than 50 feet go in, I would not have even considered myself... Continue Reading →

Onset of getting Hooked – My Journey

Way back in the day, January of 2014, I started playing disc golf. They were dark times, full of despair and malaise. It felt like the land was covered in a grey blanket almost every day. The rulers of the land forecast... Continue Reading →

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