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Mid Range Circuit

A few weeks ago, I wrote a couple of posts detailing the discs that were currently in my bag. I had five drivers of the fairway and distance variety. Two of those have since been kicked from my bag. Why?... Continue Reading →

Living With Jelly

I want to be the best possible writer I can for this blog. I want to be on top of social media for disc golf in my area. I want to have as many followers as there are disc golfers... Continue Reading →

Plastic Fascination

Last week, the guys over at Disc Golf Putt Heads posted a picture of a disc being held up and all black. You couldn't see any distinguishing marks or colors about the disc. They posed a question in the post,... Continue Reading →

The Force Awakens Misquoted

To recap our #StarWarsDG special edition of #MisquotedMonday, I've loaded all of the posts that I published for that day. As your force awakens on this Friday, enjoy the pictures and the movie if you are going to see it tonight.... Continue Reading →

On Circle’s Edge – My Journey

Early in my short disc golf experience, I was horrible at putting. My confidence was best from 15 feet and closer. Though I had several memorable putts longer than 50 feet go in, I would not have even considered myself... Continue Reading →

Downtime…What to do…

For those of us who aren't touring pros, have full time jobs, family, and other responsibilities or obligations, we tend to have a lot of downtime between rounds of disc golf. I myself usually have a lot of downtime between my... Continue Reading →

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