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My Writer has a Miss

This last month has been one of many things going on. From medical issues to ball games, rain, heat, and humidity, there seems to always be something going on. There seems to be always something taking my time. I've also... Continue Reading →

Mississippi Mafia Disc Golf – An Interview

This week, I bring to you an interview with a fellow Tupelo Disc Golf Association member. Robby Harris, PDGA #43412, has been playing in both PDGA and Southern Nationals tournaments in late 2009 and early 2010 according to info available... Continue Reading →

2016 Pro Worlds Reactions & Thoughts

It's safe to say now that this is Ricky Wysocki's year. While he hasn't had the same dominant year that McBeth had last year, he has been on a tear, playing some great disc golf. Last year, the best putter... Continue Reading →

Living With Jelly

I want to be the best possible writer I can for this blog. I want to be on top of social media for disc golf in my area. I want to have as many followers as there are disc golfers... Continue Reading →

My First Tourney Video

As you know, I filmed my first tournament this past Saturday in my hometown of New Albany, MS. It was the Weapons of Grass Destruction series PDGA C-tier, and the last chance to qualify to play in the finale event.... Continue Reading →

Entering the Ranks

This coming Saturday is a big day for me. I will be entering the ranks of disc golf media by filming my first tournament. It is the Weapons of Grass Destruction series New Albany, MS stop. I am fortunate that... Continue Reading →

Disc Golf is Hard

I got a round of disc golf in after I got off of work on a recent Friday. It was on the newest course in my area, Music Bend. Posting my intent to play got a couple of a local... Continue Reading →

Pieces of his Mind

Many of you know and follow Tim of Mind Body Disc. He's a great writer, motivator, and inspirationalist, if that's a word. Lately, he has scaled back his posts in favor of more meaningful writing. In particular are his short... Continue Reading →

5Qs with Jomez Productions

And now we are at number 5 in the disc golf media series. This week, I bring you the thoughts of Jomez Productions. One of the finest crews walking the courses, and creating some amazing videos for us to consume... Continue Reading →

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