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Mind Body Disc

Mind Over Plastic

Tim of Mind Body Disc talked a lot about how your mind could play havoc with your disc golf game. Patrick of Zen Disc Golf expounded on the effects the mind has over your disc golf game. Many wise men... Continue Reading →

Mid Range Circuit

A few weeks ago, I wrote a couple of posts detailing the discs that were currently in my bag. I had five drivers of the fairway and distance variety. Two of those have since been kicked from my bag. Why?... Continue Reading →

Living With Jelly

I want to be the best possible writer I can for this blog. I want to be on top of social media for disc golf in my area. I want to have as many followers as there are disc golfers... Continue Reading →

Pieces of his Mind

Many of you know and follow Tim of Mind Body Disc. He's a great writer, motivator, and inspirationalist, if that's a word. Lately, he has scaled back his posts in favor of more meaningful writing. In particular are his short... Continue Reading →

Infinite Discs Small Bag

Back during the Black Friday bonanza, Infinite Discs had their small bag on sale for just ten bucks. Getting paid on the fifteenth and at the end of the month put a hurting on my Black Friday shopping. I just didn't have... Continue Reading →

Bad Breaks Heal

The other week when I played in the Dynamic Discs  2 Disc Challenge, I wrote about how one hole destroyed my chances at any prize winnings. On the teepad, I was confident that I could at least par the now... Continue Reading →

The Force Awakens Misquoted

To recap our #StarWarsDG special edition of #MisquotedMonday, I've loaded all of the posts that I published for that day. As your force awakens on this Friday, enjoy the pictures and the movie if you are going to see it tonight.... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Disc Golf Youtube Videos

I have put together another list of videos for your viewing pleasure. This time I am looking for the most viewed disc golf videos on Youtube. Taking a look at some of the most popular Youtube channels for disc golf,... Continue Reading →

And The Winner Is….

Somebody else, but I had a blast playing in my first tournament. I played in the 2015 Tupelo Fall Classic at Tombigbee State Park. We had eleven people in the novice division. For tournaments hosted by the TDGA, they have the novice... Continue Reading →

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