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Paige Pierce

My Top 10 Astonishing Throws of 2016 You’ll Want to See

2016 has been the year of bigger and better for disc golf. More money, more coverage, more live coverage, and definitely more exposure. From my perspective, the casual player and tour follower, I have had more disc golf than I... Continue Reading →

2016 Pro Worlds Reactions & Thoughts

It's safe to say now that this is Ricky Wysocki's year. While he hasn't had the same dominant year that McBeth had last year, he has been on a tear, playing some great disc golf. Last year, the best putter... Continue Reading →

Maple Hill Merry & Misery

Looking back at the weekend that was the 2016 Vibram Open at Maple Hill, it is sobering to see what that course can do to the best players in the world. Seeing the lines carved through those woods was amazing... Continue Reading →

Downtime…What to do…

For those of us who aren't touring pros, have full time jobs, family, and other responsibilities or obligations, we tend to have a lot of downtime between rounds of disc golf. I myself usually have a lot of downtime between my... Continue Reading →

When Disaster Strikes!!

My local club, the TDGA, holds weekly minis on Sunday afternoons all year long and on Thursday evenings from April through September during Daylight Savings Time. I don't normally play the Sunday minis because that is family time, and they don't... Continue Reading →

#2015proworlds = #Awesome

The 2015 PDGA World Championships is finally complete. Saturday saw the crowning of a slew of new champions, and several repeats as well. The two most coveted and contested divisions were the MPO and FPO. With 143 and 48 competitors... Continue Reading →

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