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My 5 Biggest Mistakes on the Course

Whenever I plan on playing a round, I go through a checklist in my head before I get to the course. Warmup, use discs I know, follow through, firm grip, etc. Then I get to the course and it all... Continue Reading →

Perfect Putt 360 – A Review

A Putt. It is one of those four letter words that can bring joy or heartache. One putt is usually the separator in big tournaments. One putt could get you into last cash as a pro, or last plastic if... Continue Reading →

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

The roll away. One of the more feared results of a throw in disc golf. I have had a few disheartening rolls since I started playing. If they don't go out of bounds, then they usually leave you in a... Continue Reading →

Maple Hill Merry & Misery

Looking back at the weekend that was the 2016 Vibram Open at Maple Hill, it is sobering to see what that course can do to the best players in the world. Seeing the lines carved through those woods was amazing... Continue Reading →

Living With Jelly

I want to be the best possible writer I can for this blog. I want to be on top of social media for disc golf in my area. I want to have as many followers as there are disc golfers... Continue Reading →

Putt & Approach V4

Teepad. Runup. Drive. Walk. Mark. Approach. Walk. Mark. Putt. That is the basic series of events on every par three hole in a disc golf round. Teepad. Runup. Drive. Walk. Mark. Approach. Walk. Mark. Putt. The second line is the... Continue Reading →

On Circle’s Edge – My Journey

Early in my short disc golf experience, I was horrible at putting. My confidence was best from 15 feet and closer. Though I had several memorable putts longer than 50 feet go in, I would not have even considered myself... Continue Reading →

#Practice – 100 putts

After a weekend of being sick and reflecting on what I can do when not able to get out to the course, I'm getting back on track in my tourney prep this week. I've only got a week and a... Continue Reading →

Form vs Disc

In practicing for my first ever tournament, I've been working on putting a lot. Many, many, many putts have gone in the practice basket at a course near my work, and just as many have missed. Distances past twenty feet... Continue Reading →

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